This is a static blog. As such, providing the means for readers to add comments is not something that is built-in. This blog post is really just a test to try out adding comment functionality using mastodon as implemented and explained by @carl: here, on a Hugo static site; as well as by @xosem: here on a Jekyll static site.

The posting workflow is a bit cumbersome, as I have to republish the post after publishing the toot, so there is that, but I like the idea of using mastodon a little better than GitHub.

A couple of weeks ago I came across, which is an open source, privacy-respecting, comment widget that is built on GitHub issues for blog comments. It works and beautifully and only requires and additional 7 lines of code; but it does require the reader to have a GitHub account though.

I thought I would try this mastodon solution out and see which one I liked the best.

If you feel so inclined, please comment with your thoughts.